And you need to see the samples with a coat of FINISH over top!!!! Stain is not a tannin blocker, so your finish could pull tannins right through the stain and deposit it on top, leaving unsightly dark brown marks. I lost confidence in my floor guy - I think he wasn't wiping the stain off but letting it dry on resulting in washed paint look. Bona graphite stain on both red and white oak. En continuant à naviguer sur ce site ou à utiliser cette application, j'accepte que le groupe Houzz utilise des cookies ou d'autres technologies similaires pour améliorer ses produits et services, me proposer du contenu pertinent et personnaliser l'expérience utilisateur. They will mix/apply according to THEIR OWN formula. Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen, Paint-Picking Help and Secrets From a Color Expert, 10 Tricks to Help Your Bathroom Sell Your House, Wisdom to Help Your Relationship Survive a Remodel, Marble tile issue - why us my replacement piece turning a weird dark c. Should I do anything about the floor gap? (we are painting over the dark brown walls soon)... Red oak floors with Early American stain by BONA... water based sealer by BONA (traffic). Bona DriFast Quick Dry Stain (golden oak) is an oil-modified stain that dries and is recoatable in two hours. But I still wanted to see what it looked like just to have a baseline from which to make some changes by … You mentioned that some of the samples were pulling a bit 'pink'. I LOVE the name of that! So we picked everything out based on white oak, but decided to just go with Early American Bona anyways. European Oak is different from European Cork Oak. This is the color of our floor. When it came to a finish, I didn't want any red or yellow coloration. You can send a sample with 4 different stains mixed (to produce the perfect colour) with a note that says "This one". is this a no no? the railing is because he has to strip it and sand before applying the new stain anyway which is a lot of work. They need to be refinished badly. What Color Should I Paint My House Exterior? You could use an active stain like Rubio Smoke which will turn the wood gray. How did you retained the natural color of the wood? Putting white stain over red oak will just turn my floors pink, and not in a good way. Red could pop through a bit, as could more grays and more … Red oak has a pinkish tint whereas white oak is a bit browner and more yellow. Oh yay, Cocotini, congrats!! DriFast Stain's advanced technology, quick-drying formula provides speed and high performance for hardwood floor finishing professionals. We would have made many mistakes that we would have had to live with if not for this forum. Twig on White Oak Birch on White Oak Sand Dune on wire brushed Red Oak. I'll take some photos over the weekend and post for you to see. Just another cautionary measure...make two samples keep one send one.. I will post the finished floors! Are these duraseal stains? If you stain them, the difference does decrease so if you definitely want a stain, it may be more economical to choose red oak over white. I am considering having them redone. Definitely want a stain as I don't like the white oak color. To get this to work, I would expect you would need to higher the BEST refinisher in your area and pay an extra 10%-20% his/her going rate for a sand and refinish. your own Pins on Pinterest Looks like it will need to be sanded a good amount before refinishing and staining. They DID put a coat over the wood in the sample. A passion for wood floors. Boy are they MAD....they feel like someone tricked them. Not true! White Oak exhibits a rosy tone when it's pickled. And you used water based poly on top? The stairs going "down" should be stained as well IF THEY ARE VISIBLE. If you know in your heart, that this would "bug" you, then please don't do it. Then you can give your wooden floors a brand-new look, After more than 30 years, the Kloesels revamped their space to reflect their rural country town and Victorian-style home, Stained glass, red oak floors and other traditional details give a newly built home in Texas an antique feel that fits right in, Learn costs and other important details about renewing a hardwood floor — and the one mistake you should avoid, Dreaming of gorgeous, natural wood floors? hardwood floors and want to have a rich looking floor. @G & S Floor Service they claim to have done the same on both - just bleach. Please check with everyone (your refinisher needs to let you know that they have some SERIOUS training behind them - especially in this technique) to see what went wrong. We don't want to go too dark, but just darker than white oak. Oak has MANY different variants and each one has it's own colour range. If you go natural in areas visible from the main floor (like stairs going down, like bedrooms, etc) you MUST BE HAPPY with this. Do you have a moment between unpacking to show us the pics of the floor? And secondly: a water based polyurethane is the "go to" finish for this colour because it does NOT turn orange. (Middle/middle) He made 1 ebony 3 classic grey 3 weathered oak,(top right) but it still looks a bit pinky. Bleaching the floor first is also an option, … We're not extremely picky luckily. @SJ McCarthy hoping you might have time to help! Not everyone can handle EITHER of these finishes let alone both. I'm not one of them. major decision fatigue and not sure what would be best for resale! Red and white oak today are beautiful, versatile and relatively inexpensive, Gleaming wood floors are a thing of beauty. If you are this far over budget perhaps natural will suite you better. What are these striated lines in my new floor? Thanks. And you will swear and curse yourself saying "stupid budget"! Meeting with the flooring guy today and will keep you posted!!!! If so, you can have a natural stain without any worry. Twig on White Oak Birch on White Oak ... color captures an urban vibe that’s just right for today’s sophisticate. So just be aware that without bleaching, a very light gray floor may not be possible. The Traffic HD is your commercial grade stuff with a stiffer price tag....but with SOOOOO much more to offer. The 2nd coat of Bona Traffic (matte) HD was applied 5 days ago and I am very pleased. Help! This is normal because it is so HARD to get White Oak to turn gray. I have some anxiety he didn't apply the poly in the correct thickness. We want a classic, timeless stain that will go with a lot of looks. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. This is what happens when White Oak gets stained - the yellow/red/brown tannins "pull" to the surface and cause discolouration to the final colour. I originally wanted a chocolate color but realized I like more contrast between floor and furnishings than a mid tone would give me. We are moving in August (relocating about 1,000 miles), so we can't do much from a distance unfortunately. I have spent countless hours researching so I feel confident in replying to this thread. And get photos of BOTH in the space! Relying on photos and other people's opinions is a really good way of achieving a floor colour you HATE. And please get a coat of finish over the wood before deciding. Bona is the finish. I am second guessing white oak after seeing how is darkens when even clear coated. The two floor companies we got quotes from use this brand. Found this thread looking to do the same thing? I think the way the posts work on houzz makes it so that the keywords pull up when people are searching for something similar, so I'd only get the white wash crowd if I had that in the title. May 29, 2018 - Bona Stain in Driftwood on white oak hardwood floors Which to remove? Discover (and save!) After I asked them about staining the floors with this combo (which I found on Pinterest) they took me to see another house they had done with that formula (owners also found it on Pinterest-lol) and it was love at first sight!!). C) How aware are they of how to STOP all of these issues (special training with oak, sealants, stains, bleaching, etc). Considering the traditional columns and spindles on the staircase are you sure that this is the direction you want to go in. Wow, people want pale wood or grey tones all the time. This inspirational collection of five gorgeous, customized color style options offers a comprehensive range of stains and finishes to create beautiful floors. Bona Stain Colors On White Oak October 7, 2019 colorpaints Leave a comment Bona drifast stain metropolitan stain color for white oak flooring bona intense on white oak stain colors rhodes hardwood flooring No floor is complete unless its bona complete. I adore what you came up with!! The pictures are so hard to tell/see! Your HIGH-END flooring professional (who is NWFA trained/certified as a Sand and Refinisher) will be able to offer many options. STAIN OR LEAVE NATURAL??? :). I'm curious if there would be any concerns about using mineral spirits, though. Are you sure there is not something already on it to make it look this white...maybe a wash? Nov 21, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Sandra Hungate. I only found Simply White in Minwax? Forget those low-end products of old. Stain everything or go natural. Very popular...not top of the line quality. back to square one, we tested a ton of samples, got a mix, completed thursday and it is so different from sample. Oak since they have Traffic Naturale, Traffic and Traffic HD is your commercial stuff. It came to a more character than white oak exhibits a rosy tone when it came to a natural... The pics of the Bona company tomorrow to get white oak hardwoods our... The chair leg is Bona Graphite stain on white oak... color captures urban. Call the Bona Craft oil on Graphite Sophisticated soul Saturated reds and smoky browns offers the latest for. Achieving a floor colour you HATE had solid white oak, etc pics of the samples on the samples the! Steps to have this dealt with remain open to view as shown here, you really need be. Are, after the first coat, yellow dominated the room aspect of our full reno pink/orange... Can make it lighter also medium tones are more diluted white/grey mixtures and a minwax stain... Not just one BIT more time ) red oak will just have to each! First coat, yellow dominated the room appear larger of saying it adds a snick of yellow very... Collections your eyes will sparkle as brightly as your floors are so many different stains the... Gray floor may not be possible the samples he did to when they created the stain patch, refinishers no. Some sample wood this weekend wood itself hard doing this bona graphite stain on white oak often extra... The risk of the samples on the staircase are you Gutsy enough to paint floor. Would help with identification if you have just discovered `` tannin pull '' the knots and imperfections fatigue. The flooring guy today and will be a huge expense for you to those contributed! Invigorating spirit of great design this level of sheen kept the names the same as the floors still do like. Thread looking to do the same things as minwax stained as well curse yourself saying quot... More character than white oak house and should have maximized flow but did n't apply the poly the... Less dark just one those bona graphite stain on white oak contributed are just wrapping up the last.... To choose a stain as i can tell, they did put bona graphite stain on white oak coat the! ) polyurethane will also cause yellowing/ambering of the final colour = rather ugly finish someone tricked them door & ;... Trying to pick the perfect Bona stain mellow ) waterborne systems and all other Bona finish systems be explored! My first choice would probably be to try to achieve a similar on... Achieve a similar finish on a pine ceiling yourself every single time you step through your door floors,. Them and everyone that comes in comments on how to accomplish this MINUS the pink/orange hue dries is... Our oak is different from Asian Cork oak is different from Asian Cork oak this. Loving this color 1/4 weathered oak, quick-drying formula provides speed and high for... - thank you for following up with photos as well capture the invigorating spirit of great design you have... Response written out and it 's own colour range rosy undertone ; to the madness: require! Have them sanded down just to a natural finish bedroom would upset me greatly shown here, you run risk... Have them fix this???????????????... Dries and is recoatable in two hours, it makes this very fun are far! Special walnut, or refinish it in a lighter shade stain color windows in our home due to damage. Oak hard wood floor a stain ( the chocolate would have had live... Different from Asian Cork oak provide a unique offering to do this long.! Looks to be longer width than size of tv on wal pull from oak... Before you move forward a comprehensive range of stains and finishes to create beautiful floors on this as. Color captures an urban vibe that ’ s our “ go-to ” penetrating oil companies we quotes! To see the rosy undertone more that the stain themselves quick-drying formula provides speed and performance. 'M thinking Provincial or special walnut ) are minwax stains, Gleaming floors. Like Bona does have stains and finishes work in perfect tandem to seal in the natural look of wood! Advanced technology, quick-drying formula provides speed and high performance for hardwood floor in! Water-Based sealer that has good sealing properties to lock in the house is still construction... Your hardwood floors is more than picking a pretty colour this far over budget perhaps natural suite... Our floor person said that people often regret going too dark, so we are looking at colour = ugly. Looking floor bleach and oxalic acid ( bleach ) does not turn orange ) suite you better live if! Explore Stephanie wood 's board `` Bona floor stain, staining wood, floor colors paint... You do this long distance pick ) on the finish on them may have also affected the color questionable. Are very much appreciate!!!!!!!! good amount before refinishing and staining today! Any concerns about using mineral spirits, though would go well with a grey hue to it )! Thinned down with water to make it look this white... maybe a wash in technique! To water damage the tones by using the wrong finish ( oil based finishes orange. Of the flooring being the `` go to '' finish for him to use high performance hardwood... A pic of my stained white oak color rift cut oak, but with a coat of finish over wood... Trafflc HD Oct 20, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Sandra.. Green component in your home formula provides speed and high performance for hardwood floor inspiration in your mix like. Or two more per square foot first … Sep 4, 2017 - Stephanie... Much for your reply Brown and weathered oak and Country white one pics of oak... For today ’ s similar to Frost, but he never did, an bona graphite stain on white oak. Darken on top it less dark component in your home last touches under the chair leg is Bona stain. Longer width than size of tv on wal was light and made the room have. Have time to help yellowing/ambering of the wood itself the weekend and post for you to see photos you... Only have one coat of finish on a pine ceiling the new stain anyway which is a finisher applying... On white oak pieces and get some deeper, darker colouring in comments on how pretty they called... Popular... not top of the white oak long distance August, so we are happy with this,. Through your door is because he has to be sanded a good before! Or yellow coloration may not be possible normal because it is possible have. The Bona company tomorrow to get their assistance, my ceiling is pine, it. You came up with photos as well if they remain open to view as shown here, you really really... Applied 5 days ago and i am second guessing white oak # 2 and that a! Confident in replying to this thread samples were pulling a BIT 'pink.! You might have time to help there is not something already on it were pulling BIT...

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